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SEO Tips for Google in 2015

Why SEO Matters

I had a small business and needed more customers so I turned to the internet to find out what else I could do. I’ve got a decent marketing budget and have tried pay per click but with no success before finally coming across an article about website optimisation. SEO, as it is commonly known provides better value for money long term although in my experience having multiple advertising avenues can be beneficial to a business like mine.

In London where my business is based, there are many search engine optimisation agencies but after a little research I decided to go for a smaller agency, and that’s because of two things: budget and relationship. I wanted to find an expert that will understand my business and provide a solution for me rather than sell me an SEO package. If you want to do this for free, then check out Google’s guideline on getting found online.

The bottom line is that smaller agencies provide the same service as the major agencies especially in London. The mega advertising companies sometimes only take on companies with budgets in excess of £50,000 – so it was a no-go for us. We had a simple web site and as at 2013 most of our income came from offline marketing activities but after getting a London SEO consultant that income has gone to 100% from online activity alone. You can find an expert here at this London SEO Facebook page. I used a new agency which I found here: https://twitter.com/blewsocial because I knew they wanted to get clients on board quickly and benefited from the reduced prices, but a simple local search will reveal many more companies.

The best way to dominate on the search engines with a local business is to get a domination package from your consultant. Don’t try and save money on search engine optimisation, this is not something you skip on. Make it work or do something else. I can understand you don’t want to pay the huge fees with the mega agencies, but you can easily find a local SEO expert: http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/blewsocial-london that will charge a fraction of the cost and provide the same outcome for your business. If you are planning for long term organic traffic to generate leads or sales for you online then you have to be in it for the long term. It is not something you set and forget so focus on building a relationship with your consultant. This is the most important thing